Which is why I gotta win this spelling bee!



Leaf, your drawings are really cute! I never knew you were an artist.

Neither did I!! Oh my gosh, they’re precious!



i drew this today for my best friend ever, chip tolentino! :D
i hope you guys like it!!! 

Leaf, I… 

AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Jesus Christ, these are ADORABLE! You’re a great artist, Leaf!!!

Anonymous asked
what do you think of marcy?

Well.. gosh.. 

I think Marcy is a strong, opinionated individual, which is definitely a good characteristic. Sometimes we get along and sometimes we don’t, but I know when we don’t, it’s not a huge deal. Overall.. we do have a lot in common and I think if one of us took the time to talk to each other, we’d probably be very close friends!

Anonymous asked
Do you like hugs?

I.. uh..

Yes, I like hugs a lot.. They’re really nice!!

Anonymous asked
do you like practicing yoga?

I think that yoga is a great, fulfilling practice for the majority of people. Personally, it doesn’t help me much. I usually start to worry about if I’m doing the poses right or if I am as advanced as other people my age, and it really just adds to the stress that led me to having to do yoga in the first place!!! Of course, I still have to practice yoga because Carl Dad is big on the healthy, well-balanced lifestyle and he kind of forces me to. But if you are ever considering adding a new activity to your schedule, yoga is the way to go! Yay breathing practices (that don’t work)!


You can suck me up, Schwartzy. I can’t believe you’re acting like this was my fault.

I’d prefer not to, Tolentino. Excuse me, but I never said it was ALL your fault! But clearly, it wasn’t completely mine either.

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So, as you all have seen from Chip’s recent (whiny AND MELODRAMATIC) post, the picnic was not quite up to par with SOME people’s UNREALISTIC standards (cough, cough CHIP TOLENTINO).

But surely this was not ALL my fault. Just because one of my fathers is slightly overenthusiastic doesn’t mean I should receive all the blame. How do expect Dan Dad to have memorized all of the contestant’s names? How ridiculous! All he did was show some common courtesy, which some of us need to get more of.

I tried to get everyone to come together and play some recreational activities, right? Because I figured, competitions are right up everyone’s ally, considering they participated in a COMPETITIVE SPELLING BEE. Boy, was I wrong! Everybody had to make a mountain out of a molehill for the silliest stuff. Chip fell and acted like he was suddenly paralyzed, when all he had was a little scrape. Barf didn’t even PARTICIPATE because of his “asthma”. The only other person who was actually a worthy competitor was Marcy. Yes, we did get into a small fight, but it wasn’t nearly as barbaric as Mr. Tolentino described it. There was some tackling, hair pulling, etc, etc, but if you want to win, you have to suck it up sometimes! Clearly the only real opponents here are me and Marcy. Props to her. Even if I did win.

Carl Dad was a little excited, but just because he appreciates my drive to win, doesn’t mean he’s completely crazy. I’ll admit, trusting everyone not to get lost or somehow manage to get “poison ivy” or break a bone wasn’t the brightest idea. Whining about it isn’t going to help though, Chip! And anyways, Olive received the proper medical care that she needed. At least she wasn’t a big baby about it. 

I apologize that certain members in particular did not enjoy the GSA picnic. All I can say is that I appreciate that you all came.

Anonymous asked
Have you ever seen a play or stage show?

Actually, yes! I’ve seen quite a few, due to Dan Dad’s affinity for musical theatre/plays in general. Some include Brighton Beach Memoirs (as I’ve said before, this has always been a favorite), West Side Story (touching but the production was politically incorrect), Wicked (overrated!), Wizard of Oz (classic!), Seussical (I actually liked this one, shhh, don’t tell anyone), Lost in Yonkers (told you he loves Neil Simon!), and Les Mis (alright adaptation, but I prefer the novel, definitely). So, long story short, yes, and I enjoy them!

ask-chip replied to your post: Have you ever gone on a trip out of the country?


Once again, CHIP! Surrogate mother! Mixed sperm!! I thought we went over this previously! Not adopted! My birthmother lives in Kansas, I still write letters to her all the time, she gave birth to me, she was my surrogate mother!

Look, if you ever need a refresh, here is one: http://asklogainne.tumblr.com/post/15414788302/youre-not-even-actually-biracial-youre-adopted-duh

Now stick that in your first-one-eliminated apple juicebox and suck it!

Anonymous asked
Have you ever gone on a trip out of the country?

Actually, no. But I spend a lot of free time watching the National Geographic Channel and the Travel Channel and Food Network! A personal favorite is Man vs. Food. I feel as if that should count because all of those channels deal with visiting different places and explaining their cultures and their signature dishes and such.. I hope someday to visit the great country of Switzerland. The mountains there are gorgeous. (as are the people!) Plus, I am 2.93% Swiss, and it’d be an amazing experience to connect to a small percentage of my heritage’s roots!!